inglewood-jwa-smJerilyn Wright & Associates brings a new dynamic to finished space – not only well planned, but energized, timeless and sustainable.  They are one of Western Canada’s leading design firms, offering a full range of design services for 30 plus years.  With over 14 million square feet of corporate and residential projects, their client list includes companies from all corners of the business world.  The firm has won numerous awards from associations such as the Architects Association, the Illuminating Engineering Society and the Interior Design associations on both a Provincial and National level.

With their offices located off 9th Avenue (Atlantic Avenue), there’s no better interior designer for AVLI Condos as they are fully integrated into the Inglewood community in Calgary and bring  cutting-edge design and customizable kitchens to AVLI Condos with every suite. They can’t wait to be your new neighbor in Inglewood.