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The $36 million condominium was designed with a cutting-edge approach to connect with Inglewood’s extensive art scene and to encourage expression and appreciation from residents and onlookers.

The stylish condo project will also feature a $5 million retail space at its base. Building owners and Inglewood residents will have a range of new shops to enjoy with the five retail units AVLI will provide on
its ground floor.

“To fit with Inglewood’s artistic background, AVLI on Atlantic needed to be a work of art itself,” said Brian Kernick, president of Greenview Developments. “AVLI on Atlantic hits a new architectural standard
for Inglewood, offering eclectic modern living across the street from restaurants like The Nash, grocery store Bite, and several pubs and craft breweries.

Formerly known as Brewery Flats, Inglewood was established in 1911 and is home to historical buildings, such as Fort Calgary, which was built in 1875, and the Garry Theatre, presently known as the
Ironwood Stage and Grill was built in the 1930’s. An emerging art district, Inglewood houses a number of art galleries and studios including one of the largest privately funded art galleries in Calgary, the
Esker Foundation.

Inglewood’s community is a balanced combination of inner city living with close access to Calgary’s downtown core and East Village mixed scenic trails adjacent to the rivers and premier nature reserves.

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